Exhibition Overview

Welcome to "The 8th China International City Pipeline Exhibition", under the theme of "Underground Pipeline, Water Supply and Drainage, Utility Tunnel, Sponge City, Municipal Construction, Detection and Repair". Welcome all city competent government departments, planning and management, urban construction archives, surveying, drainage, heat, gas, petrochemical, electricity, communications and other units and departments of leadership and pipeline engineering and technical persons to discuss and exchange experiences, and jointly promote the improvement of underground pipeline management and technical level.

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Underground Pipeline Committee of CACP(UPCC)

Zhongze International Conference and Exhibition (Beijing) Co.,Ltd

The Co-organizer:

Guangdong City Planning Association

Guangdong Municipal Engineering Association

Guangdong Society of Trenchless Technology

Beijing Society of Trenchless Technology

Gansu Pipe Protection Association

Guangzhou Association of Science and Technology

Guangdong Gas Association

Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Association

IIUS-International Institute of Utility Specialists

HKIUS- Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists

Hangzhou Underground Pipe Industry Association

Pipeline Testing and Repair Committee of CMEEA

Pipeline Branch of Nanjing Urban Planning Association

Jiangxi Pipe Dredging Industry Association

National Engineering Research Centre of Road Maintenance Technologies

Drainage Committee of China Urban Water Association

Pipeline Inspection and Repair Committee of China Municipal Engineering Association

Underground Pipeline Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Association

Underground Pipeline Committee of Zhengzhou Urban and Rural Planning Association

Zibo Urban Construction Archives and Underground Pipeline Management Association

Beijing Road and Municipal Pipeline Underground Disease Engineering Technology Research Center

Support unit:

China National Administration of Coal Geology (CNACG)

China Association of City Planning

China District Heating Association

China City Gas Association

Beijing Waterworks Group

Beijing Drainage Group

Beijing District Heating Group

Guangdong Housing and Urban-rural Construction Development

Guangzhou Housing and Urban-rural Construction Committee

Guangzhou Land Resources and Planning Commission

Overseas Support Units:

Australian Trade Commission

Common Ground Alliance







Exhibitor Register

11-12,July, 2022



Nanjing International Exhibition Center

Opening Ceremony

13,July, 2022




13,July, 2022


14,July, 2022


15,July, 2022




13,July, 2022


14,July, 2022


15,July, 2022


Removal Time

14,July, 2022


Concurrent Activities

No.1:China International City Pipeline Meeting 2022

No.2:China Urban Smart Pipe Network Development Forum 2022

No.3:The 8th Underground Pipeline Engineering Risk Prevention and Trenchless Technology Development Forum

No.4:Prevention and Control of Urban Road Collapse Disaster Forum

No.5:Urban Water Supply and Drainage Network and Smart Water Development Forum

No.6:The 3rd Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Pipeline Engineering Welding Technology Forum

No.7:China International Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection Technology Exchange Forum

No.8:2021 Hydrogen Energy Pipe Network Construction & Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Forum

Overseas Support Units