Essential Information

Exhibition Name

China International Pipeline Exhibition 2024


13-15, Nov, 2024




333 Songze Road, Shanghai, China


Underground Pipeline Committee

Zhongze International Conference and Exhibition (Beijing) Co.,Ltd


Exhibition Content

Urban pipe network detection and detection technology and products

Water supply network construction and operation

Urban trenchless equipment and pipeline repair

Urban drainage system and sewer

Municipal sanitation machinery and equipment

Gas heating pipe network emergency repair



Concurrent Activities

No.1: Underground Pipeline Committee of CSGPC General Meeting 2024

No.2: China Urban Smart Pipe Network Development Forum 2024

No.3: The 9th Underground Pipeline Engineering Risk Prevention and Trenchless Technology Development Forum

No.4: Prevention and Control of Urban Road Collapse Disaster Forum

No.5: China Urban Flood Control and Drainage Emergency Rescue Forum

No.6: Urban Water Supply and Drainage Network and Smart Water Development Forum