Exhibition Overview

Welcome to "The 10th China International Pipeline Exhibition" , under the theme of "Underground Pipeline, Water Supply and Drainage, Utility Tunnel, Sponge City, Municipal Construction, Detection and Repair". Welcome all city competent government departments, planning and management, urban construction archives, surveying, drainage, heat, gas, petrochemical, electricity, communications and other units and departments of leadership and pipeline engineering and technical persons to discuss and exchange experiences, and jointly promote the improvement of underground pipeline management and technical level.

China International Pipeline Expo (CIPEXPO) is the first brand exhibition for underground pipeline industry, shouldering the historical mission to promote the development and prosperity of the underground pipeline industry, and striving to create a excellent communication and trading platform for the underground pipeline industry practitioners. The 10th China International Pipeline Exhibition ,which will be held on 13-15, Nov, 2024 and attract almost 800 enterprises and 1500 professional meeting participants  and 50000 visitors from all over the world.

Industry leaders, experts and scholars will be invited to attend the meeting to make policy interpretation and share typical urban experiences , and show us industry of prospective academic report, which will test the lifeline for the city pulse consultation.