Exhibition Scope

1)Water supply and drainage network system technical equipment: Metal and nonmetallic pipes, pipe fittings, pipe, tank and accessories, connectors, all kinds of pumps, valves, shock absorber, water meter testing equipment measuring billing management technology, earthquake disaster relief materials, equipment and technology, urban water supply and drainage technology and equipment, high-rise pressurization automatic water supply equipment, cooling tower equipment. 

2)Related technical equipment of sponge city: Urban new rainwater absorption technology and equipment, storage and infiltration green facilities (buildings, roads, green Spaces, water systems, etc.), rainwater emission and collection and utilization of technology and equipment. 

3)Smart water: Water quality monitoring and warning equipment, water information management system, water supply operation and operation management system, water supply and drainage system management system. 

4)Pipeline technology and products: Pipeline corrosion, rust removing technology and products, pipeline emergency repair, keep plugging, pipeline disease detection (CCTV), health assessment, dredge and cleaning technology and equipment, municipal flood control and emergency vehicles, information management system of city pipe network. 

5)Non-excavation construction technology and materials, equipment: Horizontal directional drilling; Construction of micro tunnel (top tube), impact spear and tamping hammer construction; Hole machine, drilling logging, drilling equipment, directional drilling, propulsion machinery, drill pipe, radial drilling, geothermal hoist pneumatic tunnel full face drilling and drilling machine, tunnel machinery, split blasting machinery, geological exploration, etc. 

6)Municipal planning, design, engineering and scientific research units.