Exhibition Scope

1)The Urban Pipe: petroleum and chemical industry pipes, water supply and drainage pipes, gas pipes, power and communication pipes, heat pipe and tube, including: Seamless pipe, welded pipe, spiral pipe, oil pipeline, thermal insulation pipe, boiler tube, alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe, steel-plastic compound pipe, ductile cast iron pipes, glass steel pipe, galvanized pipe, geological, thin walled tube, thick-walled pipe, square tube, special pipe, corrugated pipe, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) and other concrete pipe and PPR, PVC, PB, PE - RT, PE, HDPE and other plastic pipes; all kinds of pipe materials, pipe fittings production equipment;

2)Underground pipeline technology and products: pipeline survey results, pipeline information management system and software; Pipeline detection and mapping technology and instruments and equipment; Smart city (smart power grid, smart gas, smart water); Pipeline detection and detection technology and equipment; Geographical information systems (GIS); Underground pipeline management information system software and hardware; Pipeline anticorrosion and rust removal technology and products; Pipeline emergency repair, non-stop transmission sealing; Pipeline measurement technology and equipment;

3)Trenchless technology and materials, equipment: Trenchless tilting lining repair technology and equipment, Uv curing repair technology and vehicles, Horizontal directional drilling machine, Pipe desilting equipment, Pipe lining material; Micro tunnel (pipe jacking) construction equipment, Pipe jacking machine, Drilling tools and other ancillary equipment;

4)Trenchless construction and shield construction equipment and technology: Horizontal directional drilling; Micro tunnel (pipe jacking) construction, Impact spear and rammer pipe hammer construction; Drilling machine, Borehole logging, Drilling equipment, Directional drilling machine, Propulsion machinery, Drill pipe, Geothermal radial drilling, Hoist, Pneumatic tunnel full section tunneling machine, Tunnel driving machinery, Rock drilling and splitting blasting machinery, Geological exploration machinery, etc. Shield machine accessories, materials and shield remanufacturing technology, Tunneling machine, system integration and control technology, Shield construction control technology;

5)Urban pipeline and municipal emergency rescue: Pipeline dredging equipment, Mobile pump station/vehicle, Submersible electric pump; Municipal flood control non-destructive excavation emergency vehicles, Pipeline dredge vehicles/sewage suction vehicles/drainage vehicles; Pipeline emergency repair, Non-stop sealing, etc;

6) Urban road cavity and disease detection: Road detection technology and equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar, Underground space inspection equipment, Health assessment, Dredging and cleaning technology equipment, New technology of radar robot in pipe, Pipe disease detection (CCTV), etc;

7) Water supply and drainage network system technical equipment: Metal and nonmetallic pipes, Pipe fittings, pipe, Tank and accessories, Connectors, All kinds of pumps, Valves, Shock absorber, Water meter testing equipment measuring billing management technology, Earthquake disaster relief materials, Equipment and technology, Urban water supply and drainage technology and equipment, High-rise pressurization automatic water supply equipment, Cooling tower equipment;

8)Related technical equipment of sponge city: Urban new rainwater absorption technology and equipment, storage and infiltration green facilities (buildings, roads, green Spaces, water systems, etc.), rainwater emission and collection and utilization of technology and equipment.